De Groene Weg is a guarantee for top quality and only sells certified organic products. Our quality policy is based on European legislation and satisfies the requirements of the European quality mark for organic products, as well as those of the EKO quality mark, the requirements of which have been laid down in Dutch law.  

Since organic products have to comply with higher demands than regular meat, several different organisations have been tasked with checking that the rules on organic stock farming and agriculture are observed. The rules for organic products serve to create optimum respect for the environment, nature and animal welfare.

The independent SKAL organisation is the body which decides which companies will be allowed to advertise their being ‘organic’ as a quality brand. This organisation checks the origin of organic meat and grants a quality mark to companies that comply with the rules. Just like the Dutch word for ‘organic’, these quality marks are protected by law and they can only be granted if every link in the entire chain complies with the relevant conditions. And to ensure that all products sold as being organic are actually organic, SKAL carries out checks to be able to guarantee quality assurance throughout the chain. During these announced or unannounced checks, the auditors can sample the feed, check whether a registration is kept of the purchase and sale of cattle in line with the guidelines, and/or assess the use of medication.

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