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Our farmers

De Groene Weg works together intensively with a collective organisation of organic livestock farmers to further improve the working methods of organic livestock farming, as well as to assure and increase our sales potential. Thus, De Groene Weg also shares  the responsibility for the future and continuity of these companies. One way in which the continuity of responsible production and entrepreneurship can be achieved is by passing a major part of the development of the cost price for the production of organic meat on to the rest of the chain.


De Groene Weg has intensive contacts with feed producers and regular coordination enables us to ensure the availability of raw materials together. Furthermore, we frequently exchange knowledge about feed quality, feed conversion, meat quality and developments in the sales markets.


The De Groene Weg's farming specialists nurture intensive contacts with our organic livestock farmers and support them in various areas, such as:

  • quantitative and qualitative supply management and planning;
  • technical and business/economic issues;
  • animal health management and animal welfare;
  • developing knowledge and becoming more sustainable.   

By making proactive use of these farming specialists, the farmers and De Groene Weg have together managed to greatly improve the health situation of the animals supplied, which, in turn, has boosted the quality of our products.

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