About De Groene Weg

Since 1981, De Groene Weg has demonstrated that eating meat and sustainability can go hand in hand. Founder Peter de Ruijter wanted to show that meat production and consumption can be approached differently. Our mission? To give organic meat a significant role in our food patterns. A strong market position is crucial for this, and we have achieved that. De Groene Weg is the market leader in the organic meat sector in the Netherlands and the second-largest in Europe. Since 2004, De Groene Weg has been an independent subsidiary of Vion Food Group. We supply to various major producers and retail chains in Europe, have our own online store, and operate multiple butcher shops in the Netherlands.

De Groene Weg jongetje neemt hap van burger
De Groene Weg jongetje neemt hap van burger
De Groene Weg Nijmegen slager Bas Derksen

All links in the chain share the same mission

An integral part of our mission is to foster balanced growth in the market. The conscious choice for organic is a conviction, not just a trend. Becoming an organic farmer is a deliberate decision, not something taken lightly. It involves a significant shift, and providing extra living space for animals requires permits and substantial investments. If we want to grow the organic meat market, it’s crucial to do it sustainably. Our way of working is fully aligned with this.

We operate on a demand-driven basis, ensuring that demand and supply in the chain are always in balance. If there isn’t enough market demand, we refrain from entering into new contracts with farmers. When we see market potential, our collaboration is immediately for the long term. We know all our farmers by name, and they can always rely on the agreements we make with them—for an indefinite period, even when times are tough. As we oversee the entire chain, we refer to ourselves as chain coordinators. Every link in this chain is of equal importance because we share the same mission.

The result of this unique approach? Peace and stability. For the animals to live, for the farmers to farm, and for the meat producers and retailers to bring the tastiest piece of meat to the table. Exactly what makes organic so logical.