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Being Europe’s second-largest supplier offers many opportunities; for farmers, producers and retailers. Our abattoirs operate five days a week, a rarity among suppliers of premium organic meat. As a result, we have access to large volumes and can deliver customised solutions. Our robust logistics network and permanent relationships with transportation partners throughout Europe mean you can rely on us for fast and efficient delivery. Our dedicated team is standing by to assist you!


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The future is organic

De Groene Weg believes that organic farming is one of the solutions to many sustainability challenges of our time. Not only because of the high animal welfare standards, as organically raised animals are given ample space for their natural behavior, but also because organic farmers refrain from using chemical-synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilizers in crop cultivation. This directly contributes to an improvement in biodiversity, a healthier soil, and cleaner drinking water. Moreover, the avoidance of artificial fertilizers directly reduces emissions associated with their production.

The regulations of the EU organic label are established at the EU level and are independently verified by organizations in all EU countries. As a consumer, you can always trust that any product bearing the EU organic label (‘the green leaf’) has been produced according to the same rules in every EU country


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Choose organic

Despite all the benefits of organic farming, the market for organic food in the Netherlands, as well as throughout Europe, is still relatively small. In the Netherlands, the share of organic food is just over 4%, and the market share of organic meat is even smaller. With the Farm to Fork strategy, where the EU aims for 25% organic agricultural area by 2030, we see that more and more governments are setting ambitious goals for the growth of organic farming. The Dutch government, for example, aims for 15% organic agricultural area by 2030, and the German government is striving for a remarkable 30% organic agricultural area by 2030. There is no better time to focus on transitioning to more organic practices.



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Meat indispensable in a sustainable agricultural system

For organic farmers, a healthy soil is the foundation. To ensure sufficient nutrients in the soil, organic arable farmers are required to use organic animal manure. In addition to providing manure, animals—especially pigs and chickens—are highly effective in converting by-products from the processing industry back into protein and fertilizer. Consider, for instance, by-products from organic bread or oil production. Animals are therefore an integral part of the cycle. Further growth in organic plant production can only occur if animal production grows in harmony with it.

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Working together with De Groene Weg

An integral part of our mission is to foster balanced growth in the organic meat market. The conscious choice for organic is a conviction, not just a trend. For farmers, transitioning to organic is a significant shift. Acquiring permits and making substantial investments are necessary for providing additional living space for animals. If we aim to expand the market share of organic meat, our success is contingent upon the availability of organic farmers and the time required for the transition.

To sustainably grow the market for organic meat, De Groene Weg operates uniquely based on several principles:

  1. Demand-driven work ensures balance in the chain.
  2. Stable prices contribute to sustainable growth.
  3. Our relationships with farmers and clients are built on equality and long-term commitment.
  4. As chain coordinators, we oversee quality throughout the entire process.
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1. We provide tailor-made solutions

We slaughter five days a week, allowing us to handle large volumes and provide tailor-made solutions. With our robust logistical network, featuring established transport partners throughout Europe, you can rely on swift and efficient deliveries as a partner.

De Groene Weg has been collaborating with some customers for decades. Read about their experiences here.

De Groene Weg Boer en Slager
2. Certainty in availability, prices, and quality

The interaction within the chain provides the market with the opportunity for balanced growth. Long-term agreements with retailers and producers mean that our farmers have a guaranteed market for their meat. Conversely, this guarantee also applies to our buyers. They benefit from consistent availability, stable prices, and guaranteed quality.

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3. We offer the highest quality

The brand products produced by our buyers using our organic meat are purchased daily by large groups of consumers who demand the finest meat. That’s why our quality standards are set at the highest level. We adhere to the following quality standards:

  • BRC certification for food safety
  • Skal certification for the EU organic label
  • IFS certification for product and process conformity
  • F-trace for traceability of the animal
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4. Knowledge of the organic market

With over forty years of experience in the organic market, we know what we’re talking about. We identify opportunities and room for growth and can anticipate them at the right time. We take pride in being recognized as an authority in the market. We share our knowledge daily, so that the market—from farmer to consumer—can benefit from it.

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