Our unique approach

De Groene Weg slagerij

Part of our mission is to facilitate the balanced growth of the market. The conscious decision to go organic is not based on trends but on firmly held beliefs. Becoming an organic farmer is a deliberate choice and not something you do on a whim. It is a major transition, quite literally, and the additional living space needed for the animals requires permits as well as substantial investments. If we want to create growth in the market for organic meat, we must make sure we do so sustainably. De Groene Weg therefore operates according to the following principles:

A demand-driven approach

A supply chain in which supply and demand are in balance. Unless there is a sufficient market for our products, we will not enter into new contracts with farmers. However, if we do see potential for sales, we are committed to long-term relationships with our partners.

Fair pricing

Balanced growth also means being able to count on stable prices for longer periods of time. This does not always mean the highest price, but it does mean a price that reflects costs and market developments. We establish fair prices in a fair way through close consultation with farmers. That gives everyone certainty and stability.

Lasting relationships

We establish relationships with our farmers and customers that are based on equality and long-term commitment. This allows us to really get to know each other so we can align our needs and preferences effectively. We know all our farmers by name and they know they can always rely on us to honour our agreements – even when things are not going so well.

Quality assurance

As a chain director, we oversee the entire supply chain. We attach equal importance to each link in the chain. After all, we share a common mission. Our supply chain is deliberately closed, allowing us to work to strict quality standards and monitor them closely. Moreover, our European logistics network opens up numerous opportunities and ensures a reliable supply.

The result of this unique approach? Stability and certainty. For the animals’ well-being, for the farmer’s livelihoods, and for meat producers and retailers so they can deliver the finest cuts of meat to their customers’ tables. This is what makes organic farming the logical choice.


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